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Scenic Painter / Set Designer

I have a background of more than 15 years working as a Scenic painter. I have developed most of my work in Film, TV and Theatre throughout UK, Spain and Brazil. This circumstance has allowed me to work with different designers, directors and artists, exploring a huge range of techniques and materials. My speciality lies in the scope of scenic painting for construction, set dec and props. I have experienced many construction and design processes as a painter and HOD. 

In 2010 I was post graduated in Scene Theory (Carlos III University) obtaining the highest qualification for my thesis: Scenographic language. Towards a creative process methodology. I was graduated in Fine Arts in 2006 (Complutense University), specialising on scenography thanks to an Erasmus-Socrates grant (Academy Fine Arts Venice).

I have been recently working for the BBC, Paramount Pictures and Warner Bros.


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